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What is the cost of a Radon Mitigation System?

We will design a system will dictate the cost of a radon mitigation system. The design will incorporate what components will be nessacary to build and install. We will determine any type of modifications that may need to be made.  Features like, structure, sump pump, sump pump location, windows, staircase and garage location will play a part.  Some questions will be asked on the phone. Usually, cost can be determined after these types of questions are answered. When we arrive to install the radon abatement system, we will begin laying out the depressurized system piping, as engineered. The installation will consist of running and exhausting radon gas as it is ventilating the air gas out of the living space. In order to accomplish the task of venting through piping, a method called Sub-slab Depressurization radon mitigation accomplishes this process by placing PVC pipe below the concrete floor slab penetrating into the ground beneath. This ventilation system will force radon gas up and out from the soil, by the powered radon fan force. As the radon gas, moves through the piping, it is taken up and through the roof, out into the atmosphere.

The most involved method used by Menomonee Falls Radon is Sub-slab Depressurization, also known as SSD, includes many different variations, depending upon whether or not the installation is radon up the side of the home or through the attic and out. This method is used consistently in Menomonee Falls.

The way this radon mitigation method will be designed, will depend upon many different factors determined by the size, age, drain tiles and whether or not the house is connected by an attached garage.

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