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There are 6 major risk factors to lung cancer development

According to the American Cancer Society, there are seven risk factors to keep in mind when weighing the chances human beings have to develop lung cancer.

1. Smoking
2. Secondhand smoke
3. Radon Exposure
4. Asbestos exposure
5. exposure to other cancer-causing substances (radioactive ores, arsenic, or diesel fumes, air pollution)
6. Family history

To avoid these risk factors as much as possible is common sense. When it comes to radon. the only way to know if your home has elevated levels is to get testing performed precisely. A skilled certified testing measurement technician is the sure way to get accuracy in gas readings. Of course radon measurement is very important to the radon mitigation specialist, who will determine what type of radon mitigation system will best fit the home and volume of radon sampled.

Exposure to Radiation
Several different types of exposure to radiation will and has increased lung cancer risk.

Exposure to Radon
The exposure of radon is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. It is known to be responsible for causing 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year.

Radon is a gas that occurs naturally. When outdoors, radon is less likely to cause danger to high exposure, but indoors, the elevated levels are so concentrated that lung cancer development becomes a real problem that should require attention.

Radon mitigation is a way to lesson levels and exposure to the lungs. With the reputation of a lung cancer causer, EPA and other government agencies all agree that radon action level is 4.0

Call Menomonee Falls Radon Testing & Mitigation to diagnosis and fix a radon problem. Radon can effect humans and pets in West Bend

Lung Cancer from Radon Exposure


Radon exposure for a period of long while can and does lead to lung cancer. Radon gas located in the air will break down into very small elements that are radioactive. These elements are called radon progeny. The radon progeny can settle inside the lining of the lungs, where these particles give off radiation. Lung damage is caused by this type of exposure. The damaged cells is what leads to lung cancer. For West Bend Radon Mitigation Call 262-955-6696

Cigarette smoking is by absolutely the more common cause of cancer in the lungs here in West Bend, Wisconsin as well as the rest of United States. Researchers and studies have found that radon is most seriously the second cause of lung cancer. Research scientists have estimated that about 20,000 lung cancer deaths yearly are indeed related to radon exposure by breathing it into the lungs.

Take for example exposure to both radon gas and cigarette smoking,  a greater risk would exist for lung cancer than either one of these factors alone. In fact, most radon-related lung cancers develop in smokers, proving not only can smoking give lung cancer but the risk gets even riskier with radon involved. Non-smokers must always look to radon after a lung cancer diagnosis since a significant number of lung cancer deaths are present among non-smokers in these United States every year.

Studies have also suggested that people exposed to radon gas may be linked to other types of cancer as well, including childhood leukemia. It is important to note that evidence for such links have been mixed in theory and not studies are not nearly as strong as it is for lung cancer. More studies are needed to document probability. Because radon and its progeny are absorbed mainly by inhaling, and because the radiation they give off travels only a short distance, it may be unlikely that radon would have impact on other tissues in the human body. Menomonee Falls Radon will keep informed with scientific studies as best as we can.




West Bend is located in Washington county. The county  is located right outside of Milwaukee,  Northwest. This suburban Wisconsin county has a square mileage of approximately 436 miles and has an estimated population of about132,739 people.  Cities and towns located in Washington County are listed below:

West Bend








Cedar Lake










Elevated LEVELS OF RADON IN Washington County

West Bend Radon mitigation systems require fans to evacuate the radon gas from the soil through the pipe which is placed in the interior or exterior of the home. The pipe then runs out the roof and pushes the radon gas out of the home this way.

Important studies are being performed in determining the impact of radon related to smokers and non-smokers

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